About Us

Our Company, Neosentials Inc.

Started by a university professor in 1999, Neosentials, Inc. has grown into a versatile service-oriented software solutions provider for businesses and educational institutions. Focusing on customized software, database, and website development for intra-and-internet enterprise businesses, Neosentials also provides career training and software products for computer skills enhancement.

Our experience and use of cutting-edge technologies allows us to continue to provide innovative products and services. See our Services page for a list of design and development services Neosentials provides, and contact us if you'd like us to work on a project with you!




Mt. Olive Brethren Church Website

Our most recent project, Neosentials developed Mt. Olive Brethren Church's website using the Wordpress platform. The website includes a customized premium template, photo galleries and slideshows, embedded Google Calendars, and audio podcasting capabilities.


Women With Droids Blog

Women With Droids is a new blog designed, developed, and managed by Neosentials. A small team of women write app reviews and how-to posts for women that use Motorola Droid smartphones.


Gifts She Wants

Gifts She Wants is a website currently under development by Neosentials, Inc. which uses ASP.NET, SQL Server, and Amazon API capabilities to allow women to rate gifts from various websites so men can search for appropriate gifts for women by personality, age, and relationship.


Shenandoah Valley Pure Water Forum Website

This site was custom-designed by Neosentials as a blog built on a WordPress back-end. It provides the non-profit Pure Water Forum with a way to distribute information pertinent to the Shenandoah River Watershed. Another key section of the site is the Knowledgebase, which includes a secure log-in and acts as a wiki for users and administrators to maintain updated information about projects, organizations, and elected officials.

"Neosentials has provided excellent support to our database projects and has been responsible for maintaining and updating our website on a timely basis." - Bruce Lundeen, Shenandoah Valley Pure Water Forum Executive Director


Asset-Tracking Databases

Neosentials has developed two asset-tracking databases. One for a department's lab equipment at James Madison University, and one for a government agency's computer equipment and software. The latter included a mapping tool so the asset's location within the building could be visually represented.

"Neosentials is a proven performer. Whether designing data bases, creating training and support documentation, or developing and executing test & evaluation processes Neosentials delivers quality, innovative product on time and within budget. No matter the task they not only meet the challenge, they exceed expectations." -Sheryl Hoffman, RanchWorks, LLC


Virginia Watersheds Association (VAWA) Website

Neosentials customized this WordPress blog for VAWA with a very quick turnaround time. Each Roundtable representative has their own administrative account, so each group can edit the content of its own page.


Alls Real Estate Website

Neosentials developed this data-driven website with a database and administrative interface that were custom-designed for the rental management and real estate sales company.


Farm Management Database

Neosentials is currently working with a local farmers cooperative to design a comprehensive system to track the farms, buildings, equipment, and livestock that they manage. The software designed by Neosentials from the ground up includes an extensive database, and allows several users to log into a central system to access records and generate reports. The system is integrated with their financial software to maintain records on the vendors they associate with as well.


Shenandoah Park Digital Document Library

The Shenandoah Park DDL was designed so the administrators at Shenandoah National Park could organize, maintain, and search their new digital library of scanned-in maps and drawings. The back-end database has many fields relating to the location of the maps, features within the maps, and other image properties.

"Neosentials developed a web-enabled database to spec that was wonderfully received by my federal grant sponsors and users. As an interaction designer myself I greatly value the fact that they were able to undertake much of the detailed physical user interface design, leaving me free to concentrate on the conceptual design." - Dr. Steven Frysinger, JMU ISAT Professor and Shenandoah Park DDL Project Lead


Department of Historical Resources

Neosentials designed and implemented this interactive search interface for Virginia’s Historical Highway Markers website, which includes dynamically plotted data points on a Google Map. Try it out!


Teaching Load Management System (TeLMaS)

TeLMaS is a database-driven website which Neosentials developed to help the Integrated Science and Technology Department at James Madison University that track and manage faculty teaching loads (see review from Dr. Deaton below). Neosentials is also working with Dr. Deaton on another project called AIRIAS that will track air masses, weather patterns, and pollution that cause respiratory problems in people with asthma.

"The Neosentials team has developed a web-based database for tracking faculty teaching loads in our department. This tool has changed the culture of our department, making all faculty much more aware of their contributions to the teaching mission, and enabling departmental leadership to better allocate resources in the most efficient manner possible. We couldn't have done it without help from Neosentials." - Dr. Michael Deaton, JMU ISAT Professor and TeLMaS Project Lead


Kenya Agroforestry website

Neosentials developed the code which loads the images and text from the back-end database to be displayed on this site. Click on the 'Trees' link to check it out.


Foundation for Virginia's Natural Resources (FVNR)

Neosentials is currently working with the Foundation for Virginia's Natural Resources in Virginia to develop a web presence that will offer interactive tools website visitors can use to learn about the projects FVNR funds, submit project proposals, and learn about environmental issues in the state. FVNR also intends to use the website as a tool to attract project sponsors.


Technical Research and Writing

Neosentials has provided services other than software development and training. We have also completed technical research and writing projects for government contractors in the Washington DC area. Because of our extensive experience with the latest development tools and cutting-edge technology, we have been called upon by major companies to provide these consultation services.